Led strip milliamp/watt confusion


I live in Spain so ordering from Pimoroni is not so simple (because of shipping times and customs). Having said that, I ordered 2 times in the last month from them 😅

I am looking for LED strips which are as similar as possible to the 144LED/metre WS2812b compatible ones available from pimoroni.

I have found some from a Spanish supplier, advertised as WS2812b (the page also says WS2811 IC, not sure why…). It also says that each LED is 0.3w per LED at full RGB brightness (I believe that the ones from pimoroni are 60milliamps at full RGB brightness).

So my question is: is 0.3w the same as 60milliamps? Isn’t 0.3w 300milliamps?! Is it possible for different WS2812b strips to have different brightnesses?

Can anyone tell me a Spanish supplier that sells the same (or the most similar) WS2812b 144 LEDs/m 1metre strip to the Pimoroni sellers? I found these ones on Amazon but I would prefer a website dedicated to tech, or at least one that doesn’t list the LEDs with two different protocols (WS2812b and WS2811)

Thank you ☺️

Amps (milliamps) and Watts are two different things.
0.3W is 300 milliwatts, not milliamps.
P = I X E

P is power in watts
I is the current flow in Amps
E is the Voltage drop in Volts

This is great- thanks. So would it be fair to say that 0.3w is meaningless in this context? 😅

It’s not meaningless, per say. If you know the voltage across the LED you can calculate the current. So 0.3W x (the number of LEDS) divided by 5V will give you the current. Assuming the strip is powered with +5V. That’s a very rough calculation making a lot of assumptions.


To answer the question here: yes it was 5v and all WS2812b LED strip is made to the same specification in terms of volts/amps etc. The LED strips I bought from the Spanish retailer worked perfectly and without problems with my Plasma 2040.