LiPo SHIM for Pico with LiPo Battery without Protection

The description of the LiPo SHIM for Pico (PIM557) implies it can be used with unprotected LiPo batteries, for example, 18650 Lithium Cell (BAT0010). Is this correct?


Just tagging along to see the replay as I just bought one. It does state on the product page, protection against overdischarge and overcurrent so I’m thinking it is OK to use unprotected batteries?

Mine has just arrived. It was protection against overcharging I was concerned about.


The product page has a link to the XB6096I2S datasheet, which includes overcharge protection in its list of features, so I’d presume so?

Given the potential consequences it might be worth emailing them anyway, just to be sure.

Pimoroni Pico LiPo (PIM560) also includes a “XB6096I2S battery protector” so I am hoping it can be used with LiPo Batteries without Protection, but that is not stated anywhere.


Yes, LiPo SHIM for Pico and Pimoroni Pico LiPo both have battery protection circuitry built in so it is possible to use them with unprotected LiPos/LiIons. Using batteries with their own built in protection is safest though and we’d always highly recommend it.

There are pads on the back of Pimoroni Pico LiPo that can be solder bridged to turn off the battery protection IC on the board, if you’re experienced in the way of LiPos. Do not do this if you’re using unprotected batteries!

Thank you, for the conformation.