Local import micropython- Pico

I would like to install the pico-micropython library on my local python install, this way I can do development with code checking/completion in a modern editor.
Without the the local install I obviously I get errors such as:

Import “plasma” could not be resolved Pylance

Is it possible to install the pico-repo as a library?
I know its intended use is the compiled uf2 packages for installing on the pico.

There’s no installable equivalent for “plasma” (or, indeed, most of our modules) they’re all written in C++ and regular Python can’t make sense of them.

What we need are something called “stubs” which are a bit like Python files, but serve just to outline the bits of Python needed for intellisense/autocomplete etc. They’d look something like this: pimoroni-pico-stubs/plasma-stubs at main · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico-stubs · GitHub

Just dropping this directory alongside a Python file works in VSCode for me, I don’t know about Pylance. Some work is required to flesh these out and make them installable.