Lost my Esc key on Picade

Hi. My Esc button no longer seems to work. Any ideas how I can get it back? It’s not a hardware problem, I’m quite sure. It’s that the button on the right-hand side is no longer mapped to Esc.

The ability to add that function does not seem to be in the Configure Input menu.

I’m very new to Picade, and quite new to Linux.

Much obliged.

As far as I know, an Esc key isn’t one of the keys that you can map in Retropie. Do you mean the key/s that you press to exit a game? You can do that by pressing the Start and Select buttons at the same time.

If you want to remap the buttons, then press Start and then choose Configure Input, and you can remap all of the buttons.

If the button isn’t working at all, then it’s likely a hardware issue, like the button failing or one of the spade connectors having fallen off inside. You could rule this out by switching the wires for this button to one of the known-good buttons and seeing what happens.

Thanks for your response, Sandy. Yes, I do mean the keys that exit the games.

The Start and Select buttons don’t seem to force an exit. Weirdly, my daughter found that the right-front button + front-right button does force an exit (I hope that makes sense; one button is on the front and another is on the side). So I think I’ve got the mapping done wrong there.

I think another problem is in the mapping of the shoulder buttons. I didn’t think they were required for SNES games, but I see that they do things within RetroPie.


Perhaps just a full remapping of the keys would sort things out?

I tend to map them with start and select on the left and right front panel respectively, then A, B, X, Y on the console’s 4 left-most buttons, and the shoulder buttons on the left and right sides.

Thank you, Sandy. That’s great advice, and I’ll follow it.

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