Button mappings

I’ve finished building my Picade and it’s great - thank you.

Can you advise my on how I should map my buttons. Retropie gives me the joystick, select and start which are fine but the rest are lower left, lower right etc which are buttons I don’t have/need.

I also can’t find the button I need to quit a particular emulator and return to the retropie menu.

Help please! Thank you.

Default “Hotkey” button mappings for RetroPie can be found here: https://github.com/retropie/retropie-setup/wiki/RetroArch-Configuration#default-joypad-hotkeys

Hotkeys	                          Action
Select	                          Hotkey
Select+Start                      Exit
Select+Right Shoulder             Save
Select+Left Shoulder	          Load
Select+Right	                  Input State Slot Increase
Select+Left	                  Input State Slot Decrease
Select+X	                  RGUI Menu
Select+B	                  Reset
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Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. The Select+Start hotkey is very useful.

The volume up and down buttons are clearly hard coded in that they just work. Is the same true of the enter and escape buttons on the far right hand side of the picade? If not, how do I set them as enter and escape?

Thanks again.

I’ll bump this as I’m having exactly the same problem? Any ideas people?


Paraphrasing because I’m not in front of my Picade…

Launch Mame and then any Mame game with a USB keyboard attached
Select Change Settings (all games)
Scroll down to UI Cancel and set to ESC by pressing Enter on the keyboard and then the ESC key on the Picade
Do the same for UI Confirm - set to Enter on the Picade

Also do the Joystick directions and the buttons including Coin and Select

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Thank you, worked a treat!

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How do I map the buttons on my picacde I’m running retopie 4.1 for the first time ?

Joystick is easy to map

2 side buttons on the left are volume up and down I’m a right in thinking you cannot map these?

2 side buttons on the right what do you set / map them to ?

2 front faceting buttons one on the left one on the right are they (select the left one) (start the right one) is this correct?

6 buttons next to the joystick what do you set/map them to ?

I hope you can give me some detailed instructions please

Apparently you can map the volume up and down buttons if you update the picade firmware. I haven’t bothered though.

2 right hand side I map to Escape and Enter.

2 front facing I map to - left is COIN 1, right is P1 start.

6 buttons next to joystick are P1 buttons 1 - 6.

I didn’t do anything with the other mapping options in RetroPie setup (just press and hold any button for them and it will skip over them leaving them unset).

Sometimes in the different emulators you have to map some of the buttons again. For some reason my MAME2003 uses the top row of player 1 buttons for 2 or 3 button games, while FBA uses the bottom row. I have never bothered to fix that yet.

I hope this isn’t bad etiquette but I just wanted to say thanks for this post as it helped me figure out some issues I had moving from a pi2 to pi3 and newer Retropie version as I couldn’t quite get the buttons working as expected. So, thanks all!

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Joining in your ancient post bumping- nope, it’s not bad etiquette at all! At least not here. I hold anyone who can delve into these forums (or the wider internet) and solve their own problems in the highest regard! Thanks for taking the time to say thanks!