Picade 10 - Retropie 4.8 install - MAME key mapping issues

Hi Folks!

New user here, but not new to mame. I have built some small countertop tables before, and saw the PiCade - thought I would give it a shot. Have it all together, and I usually do my keyboard mapping in EmulationStation like this:


with start and select. In the picade’s case, I also configure RT and LT.

With at least the snes version of street fighter 2 - all good.

When I go into mame - that is where things get interesting. I fire up SF2:CE and the controls aren’t right - no big deal, I have done this many times before - I just jump into mame and set up the generic controls and map buttons 1-6 correctly to the control panel.

Well - that doesn’t seem to actually take effect? And when I go into the game specific controls (which I really don’t want to do) - I can’t get that to map correctly either because it has duplicate bindings for P2.

Has anyone run into this and have an easy fix?



and not sure if it matters - but here is the key binding for this:

start key O
select key I
a - key z
b - key shift left
x - key left alt
y - key left ctrl
LS - key space
RS - key X
LT - key escape
LR - return

I am beating my head against the wall on this one… I am just not getting something - I did rewire the buttons so they are EXACTLY what MAME is expecting - and verified with showkey, and in the emulationstation keymapping.

Button 1 (Y) - Left Ctrl
Button 2 (X) - Left Alt
Button 3 (L) - Space
Button 4 (B) - Left Shift
Button 5 (A) - Z
Button 6 (R) - X

But for the life of me, I can’t get MAME to remap them correctly for SF2 to just simple buttons 1-6?


I am not exactly sure why this worked, but it did - so I will post it here in case someone runs into the same issue. I noticed on the mame menu “input (this game)” that where normally I would see P1B1,2,3 there was P1B2,3,5 and instead of P1B4,5,6 there was P1B1,4,6

So - I sent into the “input (general)” and mapped

Button 2 → Button 1 on controller (Y)
Button 3 → Button 2 on controller (X)
Button 5 → Button 3 on controller (R)
Button 1 → Button 4 on controller (B)
Button 4 → Button 5 on controller (A)
Button 6 → Button 6 on controller (L)