Problems with my key mapping/inputs


i could really use some input on a problem i have with my Picade PCB
when i am trying to map the keys for MAME games, it apparently combines 2 keys
it says “P1 Button 1 - Kbd RetroPad p1 X Kbd RetroPad P1A” and does the same for Button 3

i have checked the wires, i have tried a fresh install of Retropie and nothing helps …
This is also the second Picade PCB that i try… with the same problems…

Any ideas for what to do?


Controller config should be automatic across all of RetroPie’s emulators, and the way it handles this internally will be why you’re seeing this issue- it would likely happen with a keyboard or other controller in the same way.

You should read:
And, probably more importantly, the relevant part of:

I suspect you’ll need to edit the config files to set the bindings you want.

You should also try RetroPie’s own forums because they’re much more likely to know how to solve this kind of stuff- as far as I can tell the Picade PCB is functioning fine, but RetroPie is - from some of the posts I’ve noticed here- super awkward for creating custom MAME bindings: