New to Picade

Hello All, I’m Noob, & just finished assembling my Picade, excellent product, I’ve also installed my PI3 with RetroPi 4.1. I’ve copied over some mame roms to the lr-mame2003 folder, & for some reason after restarting emulation station, I see double the roms most have ._ in front of the names???
Also I was reading on the Picade forums to upgrade the version of Picade firmware, how do I this?

Sorry if this was asked a hundred times already, but what do I do next?

I experienced the ._ filenames too, I’m guessing you used Mac OS X to copy the roms across as this is a side effect. I used the file manager to remove them. Its in the Retropie section of the Emulation Station front end. You will need a keyboard plugged in to do so.

Thanx SiMan, I am using a MAC, I ended up deleting those files, all is good now.
BTW do you know how to remap keys in MAME2003, my picade doesn’t recognize the Start & Select buttons?

Plug in a keyboard to the USB port on the Pi3.

Open any Mame game, hit the Tab key.

Choose Input (general)

Configure your joystick directions and top buttons
Configure Start and Select for the front buttons
Configure UI Select and UI Cancel for the right side buttons (enter and escape)

I have tried this & the buttons, don’t register anything, I just updated picade firmware, & now able to use start button but that’s it.

Do you see the RX/TX lights on the Picade when you push them?

GDay AJ, I updated picade firmware to the feb2016 version, & it seems ok now, still need to figure out how to properly map the keys in retropie, specifically in MAME.
I noticed though when in a game in MAME, & bring up General Input, there is no repose at all from any of the keys or joystick.
Do you know what I may be missing?
I’m using retropie 4.1 fresh install, with lr-mame2003

Did you do the initial key setup the first time RetroPi/Emulation Station loads?

Yes I did, I did not setup analogue joypad.

So you’re saying that start/select and the 6 top buttons work for libretro emulators or you are only configuring MAME and they don’t work for anything?

Hello AJ, what I’m saying is that I am unable to setup keypad in MAME 2003, joystick & buttons work for ps x but I am unable to setup coin for ex. in lr-mame.
I don’t see any joypads config files in retroarch.

I’m sorry, I’m just not understanding what you are saying.

It’s good that PSx is working , that means everything is wired properly.

Now, you said, keypad in MAME 2003 and joypads config files in retroarch. These are two different things.

MAME 2003 or any MAME not using the libretro libraries will use the TAB configuration that I mentioned above. Anything using lr- (libretro) as a prefix, i.e. lr-mame will use the same configs that PSx (SNES, NES, etc) are using.

I hope that helps.

Hello AJ, apologies if I’m not explaining myself but I’m having the same issues as in this post, but resolution isn’t working for me.
Insert coin in mame

It seems @sandyjmacdonald got it working on our Picade by hitting a button during ROM launch- when you get the dialog that says “press a button to configure” and changing the default emulator from “lr-fbalpha” to “pifba”.

Presumably these are versions of Final Burn Alpha, and not MAME 2003.

I don’t personally use MAME, though, so my points may be worse than useless!