data not posted on map

After a number of hardware changes and combinations I am now back to RPi ZeroW, Enviroplus Hat and the PMS-5003 particulate sensor. Manually booting in the terminal mode shows scrolling data being outputted with an occasional “response OK” message scrolling by.

I’ve registered with Luftdaten, filled in all the fields and don’t see my output on the Luftdaten map.

Is it possible I’ve been declared ‘persona non grata’ because of too many false starts? Have I created conflicts with registering prior sensor/RPi combinations? Anyone know of an FAQ on the Luftdaten website?

I don’t think you’re labelled as persona non grata that fast. Only thing I did read about is that you can be temporarily blocked if you spam them too fast with data. Assuming you use the sample script though, it’ll be set to about once every 145 seconds.

You’re saying you occasionally see ‘Reponse OK’, that should be every 145 seconds. This would indicate the data is sent, just not registered officially. Only thing that comes to mind is that your sensor ID is not properly linked to your account. Basically everyone can send in data, but it’s only picked up and logged when the unique ID is linked to your account.

Log on to and check your sensors on, I expect that doesn’t show anything. Possible reasons:

  • you forgot to register on luftdaten in the first place, follow steps on the Pimori tutorial, halfway the page
  • you did register, but your sensor doesn’t show up
    • forgot to register? follow those steps
    • did register a sensor? possibly a typo or something in sensor ID? set it to inactive an re-register with correct data.

Those are the only things I can think of for now.

Thank you Remco.
As you suggested the sensor ID was the problem. I had registered, however there was a “b” substituted for the correct letter “d” in the sensor id (RPi S/N)! Corrected that and now there’s a greeen dot hovering over Santa Barbara, CA, US.
Age? Dyslexia? Who knows?
Truly appreciate your help.

Good to hear 👍🏻 Have fun with it, this triggered me into basic python. Fun stuff!