Manual of the BME680 Python library

Is there somewhere documentation about the functions inside the BME680 Python library?
Thanks already from DirkJan, Netherlands

not sure if this is what you mean ,but this link say’s the following .
Quote- We’ll go through the functions of the Python library, including how to read all of the various sensor values…end quote …

I already visited the above mentioned link.
What I can not find, is an overview of functions, there meaning en parameters.
With the Python function dir(bme680) you can distract a longlist of, I think, modules, constants, and more.
I saw the module BME680 contains several functions used in the available examples. With parameters you can influence the result of the functions. Where can I find that? A manual about bme680, and bme680.BME680.
Regards from DirkJan

I’m a novice at best with all this stuff ,i found this info ,but not sure if it has what your looking for , not even sure if its for the same device . hope it helps .

Thanks a lot. This will help. The pdf file contains a software link to a C-library (open source). That one I can read and understand.
Regards from DirkJan

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