Max98306 Stereo Amp help needed please

Please can someone advise me how I can connect a Max98306 stereo amplifier to a raspberry pi 3 B+ or raspberry pi zero to get sound to output to a small speaker I have connected to the amp?
Can I use the GPIO pins, if so which ones and how to I configure them?
I have a small 4 OHM speaker and was hoping to to hook it up to the Pi to enable me to have built in sound from my retropie arcade build.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

That amplifier is analog in analog out. I used the following to connect my Pi’s analog audio out to it.

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Thank you very much for your reply, this helps me understand a bit. First of all it looks like as the amp I have is analog in presumably I cant use the GPIO pins to provide input. Unfortunately this pigtail cable would not be suitable for my project but presumably I could solder 3 wires to the headphone jack connectors on the underside of my Pi and connect them to the amp? If so does anyone have information as to which points correspond to which wires and which points on the amp do they connect to? Thank you

It’s all digital outputs on the GPIO. There are lots of DAC boards that plug onto the Pi’s GPIO and will drive speakers with an analog signal. Stuff like the pHat Beat and Pirate Audio line.

For anyone interested I found the info I needed.
PP6 is the ground
PP25 is left audio channel
PP26 is the right audio channel
I soldered wires on these points on the underside of the pi and connected them to the amp:-
PP6 to L- and R-
PP25 to R+
PP26 to L+
Connected power to the amp and voila, I have sound!
Now i just need volume control. :-)

I used a dual logarithmic potentiometer, 100k I believe. I wired it between the Pi’s output and the amps input.

Awesome, exactly what I need. Thank you so much.

Actually, it looks like the one I used was 10k, not 100k.

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