Pirate audio 3W amp: gpio pin usage


I’m new to the forums.

I’m using the Pirate audio 3W amp [1] in a project with a RasPi 3a+ but i’m finding that i need access to a couple of gpio pins. Not specific ones - any will do, and I don’t need any of the special-purpose pins (I2C, serial, etc.). I was thinking of making a simple breakout board out of a bit of perfboard and a stacking header connector so that i can access them.

Can anyone tell me which pins the amplifier hat uses and/or which are unused and free?

Thanks, Andy.

[1] https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/pirate-audio-3w-stereo-amp

I do believe this is the one your using.

They all likely have the same GPIO pinout.
There is also this

I used it with my pHat Beat Pirate Radio to add my own Mini Arcade Buttons.

Thanks Alpha! Thats just what I needed.


Just use a stacking header with the Proto Zero. Female end on the bottom male pins on top.