Pirate Audio and GPIO Access


I have successfully used a Pirate Audio 3 W Amplifier for one Project at our local Model Town. I would now like to use two more to improve the Audio on an existing Project but need access to half a dozen GPIO Pins to allow the Town’s Staff and Volunteers to control various functions (not just the playback).

I realise that I can use something like this Header Extender to provide access by stacking the Pirate Audio on top of some kind of breakout board. Searching this site I’ve only found dedicated Breakouts with additional functions such as sensors, LEDs etc, when all I want is a simple board that I can solder to the header and gain access to the pins to route to my external switches etc. To clarify; these Pirate Audio assemblies will be inside a protective case with the switches on the outside.

Any suggestions? I don’t want to have to solder wires directly to the header pins which is how the existing hardware does it. It works, but is quite messy to look at.

There is this, that will stack in-between on a stacking header.

And stuff like this, click the link to see the search results. ;)

Thank you for the links. My mistake was to search for e breakout board and not a protoyping board.

Yeah, and it doesn’t help that some of it is described as hacker, and some hack3r.
It can be a bit hard to find some stuff via a site search.