Pimoroni line out gpio pin


I have a raspberry zero and the lineout running with raspberry os desktop
I figured out how to use only the board audio out and everything is working fine when I plug the board directly to the raspberry
For my project, I need to use some of the Gpio pin of the raspberry for a relay and a on off button
I found the line out pins used here, https://pinout.xyz/pinout/pirate_audio_line_out
When I wire with these pins I have nothing on screen and a ultra distorted audio
any idea how to solve this ?

I hope I’m clear enough, thank you

So now its hooked up with Jumper wires, and not plugged in directly?
If yes, did you connect the two grounds on pin 25 and 39?
If you use this,

with a stacking header
You can plug it into the Pi Zero, and your pirate audio in on top of that.
Then wire your relay etc to the proto zero. I used one with my Pirate Radio to add my own bigger buttons.

thank you so much for your reply !
yes now everything is hooked up with jumper wire
I just tried with pin 25 and 39 no audio at all and no screen
for this project I only use pin 27 and 22 for a 5V relay and pin 23 & 24 for an on off switch
this page say line out use 13 pin but it doesn’t look to work and it don’t mention the 25 and 39 ground
I don’t need to use the display of Pimoroni board, what are the pin who needs to be connected to make the audio work ??
I would think about the protozero solution but for this project I really only need a audio out

Physical Pin number 22 (BCM 15), 23 (BCM 11) and 24 (BCM 8) are in use by the Pirate Audio.
22 is Amp Enable, 23 is LCD SPI SCLK, and 24 is LCD SPI CS. Connecting something else to these pins is going to mess things up.
If you look close Pin 25 and 39 have a black boarder around them, signifying they are used.
Look at the other pins labeled ground and you will see the difference.

The sound uses i2s. BCM 18 pin 12, BCM 19 pin 35 and BCM 21 pin 40, and maybe one or two more.

when I connect :
22 (BCM 15), 23 (BCM 11) 24 (BCM 8), 25 and 39 ground
BCM 18 pin 12, BCM 19 pin 35 and BCM 21 pin 40
I also connected the pin 2 5V power
nothing is happening
I also tried with only BCM 18 pin 12, BCM 19 pin 35 and BCM 21 pin 40 but same nothing is working
the board is still working when directly pinned to the raspberry


Both grounds pin 25 and 39 need to be connected. Other than that it looks like you have all the other required pins connected. If you also have the relay and button wired up, remove them as a test.
What are you using for jumpers? You need male to female jumpers.

sorry I forget to mention than pin 25 and 39 were also connected
I’m using classic Dupont 2.54 mm male to female jumper

You doing everything right, I have no idea why it doesn’t work though?

I think so, thank you to have take your time to answer !
I have one last question :
using something breaking / prototyping board like ProtoZero duplicate gpio pin
Doest it means that if I use one I will be able to use GPIO which are note use by the Pimoroni board ?

Yes, the Proto Zero will give you access to all the GPIO pins. Things like i2c can have multiple devices connected. Stuff like i2s are one device only. Any unused GPIO can be setup to do what you want.
Here I used a Proto Hat to connect multiple breakouts to a Pi A+. I actually have a second one that plugs on top of the first one with a shutdown button wired up. I ran out of room on the first one.

ok understood
thank you again for these explanation I’will use a usb sound card more easy for what I want to do and I will keep the Pimoroni for an other project