Audio Only connection for Pirate Audio SMOL Speaker

Just purchased the Pirate Audio SMOL Speaker. My son would like to use it for a project but we need to keep some GPIO open as well as some voltage pins from the Raspberry PI 4 we are using. Is there a diagram of the pin layout and is it even possible to do considering everything this board has to offer. If not I need to quickly pivot his school project which is due tomorrow.

not sure but the fix offered here might help , the link below says to do this ,[ Make sure onboard audio is disabled in /boot/config.txt #dtparam=audio=on]

I can get it working when fully plugged in. The problem I have is I need access to some pins still if it is not using them all.

The pinout is here,

You could put one of these between the Pi and Pirate Audio to get access to the GPIO pins, just use a stacking header instead of a normal header.