Micro Dot Phat Clock & Weather


Hi All,

Just thought I would share this little program I made for the micro dot phat. It uses the open weather maps api to get the weather and display it.

(If anyone knows how to remove sound from a video on YouTube let me know. I hacked it by playing 1 second of YouTube music at the end incase you are wondering what that noise is.

I am sure this kind of thing has already been done but if anyone is interested in the code I will upload it to a public repository.


Cool little project. I would be interested in it. BTW if you go to YouTube and choose edit video you should be able to resize it to cut off the last one second so it doesn’t have the loud noise. ;)


I like it! I’d be interested in the code, so please upload it somewhere.



I have added the script to my a repository on my GitHub account. It should be simple enough to set up but if you have any difficulties let me know.

P.S. I am mostly a .NET programmer in my day job so if I am doing anything stupid in Python let me know. :)


This looks cool, might have to try this one.