Micro metal gear motor encoders

The encoders for the Micro metal gear motors look really good. They measure the turn of the motor shaft, not the final drive shaft so they are much more accurate. One problem I have is that the encoders page says they require the “extended back shaft version” of the motors. I can’t see anywhere to buy this version. Has anyone used these? do they work with the normal motors? If not how do I find these extended back shaft version? Can the shaft be extended after buying the motor.

I want to try the motor, but I especially want the encoder version so I don’t want to buy the wrong one.

Any help would be welcome

We’re bringing in motors with extended shaft - watch this space!

Great, I’ll wait for them


I have recently purchased encoders for my micro metal gear motors (298:1) and am having some issues getting them working. When I put a scope on the A & B outputs from the encoders I can see a sine wave output . . . BUT, the signal is very low on some of the outputs and not at a consistent level (even on the same encoder) . . . voltage levels are between 0.7v and 1.7v peak to peak (not really enough to trigger a logic level 1).

Any help or suggestions on how I read these to count pulses on my Arduino gratefully accepted . . . obviously, I can sense the values on an analog read, but I need to be able to count pulses (894 per wheel rotation) using an interrupt routine . . . so I need logic level 0s & 1s to pins 2 & 3.