Microbit v2

I want to buy a Microbit v2 for my grandson. If I buy the accessories kit: https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/micro-bit-accessories-kit will the sound etc., work from 2xAAA batteries or will I need more power?

I decided to buy a Microbit for each of my 5 grandchildren as they reach 11 years old. Now I will buy v2 for all subsequent children.

It looks to be one of those piezo speakers, which as far as I know don’t draw a lot of current. I’d try it with the two AAA.
If you try something else don’t go above 3V or your Micro Bit will be toast.
If you can find a dual AA with the correct JST plug polarity it should work and get you longer run time on battery. More current too I would think.

Thanks @alphanumeric . A dual AA sounds a good idea. I’m sure I’ve seen them with JSTs.
Thanks, AnneC

I didn’t see any here but Adafruit likely has some.

EDIT: 2 x AA Battery Holder with On/Off Switch & JST PH Connector ID: 4193 - $1.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

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