Alexa DIY Project

Hello, I have got 3 components,,
I will put the microphone in the Pi, but I need help as I have completely no idea how to how to connect the speaker to the device.
Please help

The respeaker pHat has a JST2.0 Speaker Out. So I would say you need a JST cord to wire to the speaker leads. This will “probably” work.

You would attach it to the speaker leads then plug it into the respeaker phat.

So I would need to solder the JST wire u have recommended to my speaker wires and then plug this into the microphone?

Yes you could solder it to the speaker wires, then plug it into the JST “speaker” jack on the respeaker phat. You could also just unsolder the wires on the speaker and then solder the JST pigtail wires right to the speaker. Just be careful doing that, you don’t want to apply any more heat to the speaker than necessary. It all depends on how long you want the wires. You won’t be using that little header that comes with it, just the pigtail part. The header is already on your pHat. Assuming that JST plug matches what’s on the phat.

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