Micropython Driver for MSA301 Accelerometer Breakout Board - Sharing and Collaboration

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share some exciting news regarding the MSA301 accelerometer breakout board. After discovering that there were no native Micropython drivers available for this board, I took it upon myself to develop a comprehensive Micropython driver from scratch.

I’m pleased to announce that the driver is now available on my GitHub repository:
It’s released under the permissive MIT license, allowing you to freely use, modify, and share it. Please note that I cannot provide any warranty for its usage.

I believe that this driver can be a valuable resource for the Micropython community, as well as an asset for those using the MSA301 accelerometer breakout board. It enables seamless integration and unlocks the full potential of the device.

If you’re interested in using Micropython with the MSA301, I encourage you to check out the driver and provide any feedback or contributions. Let’s collaborate and make this driver even better!

Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to your involvement in this project.

Best regards,

Wojciech Szmyt

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Many thanks for this Wojciech,

I came to the forum looking for a few ways to tweak the msa301 in micropython.

Sadly I can’t get it to run, was hoping to adjust the “RESOLUTION_RANGE”