Pimoroni Pico Explorer

I’m trying to find out if anybody has written scripts for the Pimoroni Pico Explorer board for use with for instance the MSA301 board. It would be nice to have some scripts to use with the Explorer just for fun. The libraries that come with the 301 are written in Python I believe but not micro Python.
I will keep searching! Thank you, Dick Burkhartzmeyer

You will need to use CircuitPython as Adafruit provide useful library modules while MicroPython are way behind. There are screen drivers are available from the same source.

Thank you very much Tony. I also have a question about the modules, such as the MSA301 board. Is there someplace that I can find what values, the names of them, that are in these boards. I know that there are temperature, pressure and humidity in the BME280. How do I know what values I can get from the MSA301? Is there a place to look this up or do you keep trying different words until it works?
I found your graphics demonstration for the pico Explorer. Thank you for your work with that and I will try to do my part to help others.
Dick Burkhartzmeyer

think one needs to study a lot ,learning what makes up the board ,all the little sensors and stuff [ I dont know what there all called ]and what they do ,and then use code to make them do there thing .I have know idea how to do it ,so i just use the code people in the know write and freely share ! scroll down the page in the link, It will tell you a lot ,
good luck

Have a look at this
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It may help you understand more