Micropython pimoroni drivers for Pico W

How can I upload pimoroni micropython breakout drivers on to a Pico W

The custom Pimoroni Pico W uf2 file has all the drivers / libraries for any of the Pimoroni breakouts and packs.
Releases · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico (github.com)

Too add files to your Pico W, open Thonny and go to View > and click Files.
Then select the file, right click, and select upload to /.

Thanks didn’t realise Pimoroni had developed a flash file for the PICO W

It looks like just about everything except that uf2 file is linked too from the Pico W Product page? I can see why you wouldn’t know.
The reason I know is my desk is cluttered with Breakout Garden stuff I use on my Pi’s and Pico’s. ;)