Might have to take a Sabbatical from the forum

Some here will know that I have Chronic Pain issues. Namely degenerative disks in my lumbar and cervical spine. Just got word that I may need surgery to replace one or more disks in my cervical spine (neck) with artificial disks. It’s a relatively new procedure, but IMHO, it’s a better option than having a fusion.
Anyway, between the pain distracting me, and the pain meds causing brain farts, I’ve been messing up some replies. Apologies to those I have confused.
I’m likely going to be going into a more lurk in the background mode.

Good luck with it if you do go ahead, and many thanks for the support and help you’ve given me over the time I’ve been here.

Sorry to hear that, hope the treatment helps and that you feel better soon!

Sorry to hear that.
Hope you can get the neck fixed quickly.
Best of luck and look forward to hearing from you again soon.