Move Blinkt! pins?

Any reason why I wouldn’t be able to move the Blinkt! pins to 2 other pins? Thinking of adding some bling to a robot that’s also got an explorer HAT?

Might be a decent learning article? I’d definitely be interested in knowing how to use say the pHAT DAC and Unicorn pHAT together, which I think you showed in a video once?

sure, just use jumper wires and touch up the blinkt library to reflect the GPIO used for DAT and CLK:

Combining a pHAT DAC and Unicorn would be a bit more complicated but I’m fairly sure @sandyjmacdonald gave the secret sauce somewhere on the forum… if I find it and I’ll flag again.

here it is:

… very much the same principle really, I thought they’d be some additional tricks required. Well, obviously if you want the leds to react to the music there’s a fair bit more than just getting them up and running independly.

I agree it would make good material for a learning article… I’ll add it down on ‘The List’.

Cheers for that @RogueM !