Mp3 player with the pirate audio


the last couple of days I played around with the pirate audio and it looks really promising. It’s a pretty cool device.

I planning to build a mp3 player with the pirate audio playing primarily local (on SD card) mp3 files. I wondering if someone can push me in the right direction to realise this. Don’t get me wrong currently, my pirate audio is playing mp3 files and after I added the section [files] to the mopidy configuration also local mp3 files.

My problem is, that everything seems to be trigged from the webclient Iris. After switching on my raspberry pi, the display shows visit to select content. I would like to start directly with the content/mp3 files and don’t switching between the webclient and the pirate audio.

  • How can I edit this code (see beginning at Line 41) to start directly with local mp3 files?
  • In general the entire pirate audio / Iris default case looks like a Spotify case at all or do some one know any other examples?
  • Is Iris the right client at all for my case? because Iris is just used for starting the initial mp3 if you don’t connect Spotify, Artists, Albums, Tracks are not working at all. Uploading/managing mp3 files is not possible I use a netatalk share instead.

Thank you for all tipps and hints!

if you want a stand alone mp3 player using the pirate audio screen - you’ll likely need to roll your own solution, you can however use it as a client for a network server. check out logitechs squeeze server. I’m running it on an old atom powered acer revo with a usb drive full of my mp3’s.
you can connect to it from an android device like a barnes & noble Nook hd
which can be had for less than 30$ on ebay, and control multiple devices on the network via wifi.

also there are some really good articles on making a pi radio. Bob Rathbone has a great free pdf book that really has a lot of great details about the process

other than the experience, I’m not sure a raspberry pi is a great substitute for a stand alone mp3 player as they are so inexpensive and you can’t really build one for less than you can buy one when you consider the costs of materials. I use a Retekess V115 am/fm/sw mp3 player from ebay, about 16$ including shipping. it records off air or thru an aux input, as well as plays mp3s.
thinking about adding a pi zero with a pirate audio hat and a lithium power pack to add streaming internet audio to it thru the aux in.

well good loook on your adventures…