I am very new to using micropython and wondered if anyone has installed the mpy_cross package in Thonny and used it to pre-compile .py python files into bytecode .mpy files suitable for running on the pico - done in an effort to speed up the programs.

If so, how do you use this mpy-cross utility within Thonny? There must be some instructions but so far they have evaded me!

Thanks for looking.

Does not look like it is yet supported within Thonny.

Thanks Dave as that explains why I cannot find how to use it! It’s strange that Thonny allows you to install the mpy-cross package from PyPi and then shows it is installed OK, but you cannot use it. I hope that it is added one day.

Is there a way using Windows and external to Thonny to convert a Thonny micropython .py file, eg, to demo.mpy?

You can download from here for windows Package Registry · alelec / mpy_cross · GitLab
I have not tried as have macos on M1 chip and that is not supported.

Thanks. I have downloaded and now need to find where to place the .exe and how to use it.