Multiline on inkyPHAT up to date

Hello all,
I’ve currently been working on a project using inkyPHAT and the buttonshim on a raspberry pi zero. I require text to automatically go to the following line whenever it won’t fit on the screen. Pillow’s draw.multilline_text is not working. Any ideas?

What exactly happens? Is it returning a particular error?

It is just displaying text normally, instead of “multi-lining” it

So I’m very confused, because as far as I can see from all of the documentation and examples online the multiline_text function doesn’t auto-wrap text, so I’m not sure why it is exists if it does more or less what the text function does.

Fortunately, there is a reasonably quick way to do what you want using the textwrapping module:

from PIL import Image, ImageDraw
import textwrap

# Create an image to hold some text
img ="RGB", (300, 200))
# Draw the image so that text can be put on it
img2 = ImageDraw.Draw(img)

# Create the length-wrapped text
wrappedText = textwrap.wrap("A longish string for testing this script", width=15)

# The length-wrapped text is a list, so join it to one string using linebreaks
# (Each element in the list is a new line of text)
joinedText = "\n".join(wrappedText)

# Write the text on the image
img2.multiline_text((5,5), joinedText)

#Show the image

The width argument controls how many characters are on a line before the text is split into a new line. After a few quick tests this produces identical results whether you use multiline_text or text, so again, I’m not sure what the purpose of multiline_text is.

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Thank you sooo much. I’ll test this asap