InkyPhat cannot write in straight lines


I’m currently using a v2 red/black/white InkyPhat on a Pi zero W and I’ve just noticed an odd line up issue with some of the letters (‘t’ being the main culprit) where they are not sitting on the line with other letters or numbers.

Thinking it is the font - I’ve download other fonts and tried them to similar results - the characters shift up but not the same ones…

For example, if you look at this blurred picture under the ‘k’ of the title you will see a 1 pixel step up in the line (due to a program error that can be ignored) but the issue can be seen on / under the ‘t’ in network, router and last All are are above the preceding and next characters.

The code used to ‘print’ the line of text are based on the given examples:

inkyphat.text((leftindent, top), text, colours[textcolour], font=font)

Anyone any ideas?


The top of the t is lined up with the other text, its just the bottom thats truncated? The 1’s in the date time are the same way? I’d have said “font issue” too?
What does the (leftindent, top) do?


Hence the change in font from the provided one. I’ll dig up the font details once the lights and tree are up :-). I had tried a couple of free OFT fonts before finding one these poor tired eyes of mine could read!

The command takes the location in on the screen to start ‘printing’ at so my routine handles left / centre / right justification and multiple lines before calling the Pimoroni code.


OK, thats kind of what I thought it did. I was grasping at straws a bit to be honest.


The font rasterisation is done with PIL (Python Image Library) and could be a bug in the library- but font rendering is such a complete minefield I wouldn’t even know where to begin.There may be a font/size combination that doesn’t do this.


Thank you for that - the font itself looks fine on the site Fontspace so I’ll have a play and see what I can find.

I’ll also have a hunt for a newer version of PIL and see what that breaks :-) Well its been a couple of weeks since I broke Linux on a Pi…