Multiple Four Letter pHATs?


Is it possible to connect multiple Multiple Four Letter pHATs to the same Raspberry Pi - for example, by specifying a different I2C address or using some other enable pin? I would like to do this using a breakout board such as the pHAT Stack.

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From what I read in the documentation, no. I don’t see an address change jumper on the back.

The chip would support multiple I2C addresses, but the pcb does not. One solution would be to use multiple I2C-busses (the Pi has at least two, but there are multiplexers with more busses). The problem here is that it is not a plug&play solution: you cannot just plug in the pHat since it only connects to the standard I2C pins. And you would also have to adapt the libraries, but that should be fairly simple.

If you went with the multiplexer you’d end up doing something like this. I had it easier this being an SPI wiring modification. I only had to change swap some pin connections around. Could be a challange if you have never used a soldering iron before.

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