pHAT Stack powering multiple motor bonnets

Hello! We are working with a Raspberry Pi 4B and we are trying to power 6 different stepper motors with it. We have 3 different motor bonnets to drive 2 motors each and we bought the pHAT Stack to connect the 3 motor bonnets to the Raspberry Pi. We need each motor to be controlled individually but right now when we run our script all the motor bonnets do the same thing (i.e. if we control stepper1 on the code, all stepper1s do the same thing).

So our question is, how do we specify the address of each bonnet on the pHAT stack in order to power each motor individually? Or do the motor bonnets all use the same i2c address and the motors are not able to be controlled individually?

Here is an image of our setup without the power supply and with only 2 motor bonnets and 2 motors (1 in each bonnet as stepper1). For this example setup, how can we configure the address of each bonnet so that we can call it in our code to reference that bonnet when we want to control the motors it’s driving?

You need to use the i2c address jumpers (on the back side) so they each show up as a separate device.

Ahh thank you so much! Do we just drop solder to connect the two gold rectangles for the address (e.g. for A1)?

Yes, that will work, it’s what I do. It’s easy to undo later if need be. You also have to adjust your code.