Multiple MCP9600 with breakout garden


Does anyone know if you can use 2 x MCP9600 with a breakout garden or do they have the same addresses?


If you cut the ADDR +1 jumper on the back it will change the i2c address from 66 to 67. Do that on one of them and you can use two, one will be 0x66 and the other will be 0x67. As long as no two devices on i2c have the same address, all is OK.
You will also have to adjust your python code to differentiate the two.
The file shows
So it will be something like this
m1 = mcp9600.MCP9600(I2C_ADDRESS_DEFAULT)
m2 = mcp9600.MCP9600(I2C_ADDRESS_ALTERNAT)

That’s awesome! thank you for the reply

No problem, glad to help. I fixed a typo just in case you have already clip and pasted.
I had m1 twice, and switched it / fixed it to m1 and m2.