Multiple Sound Outputs with PhatDac?

So I bought the PhatDac to improve sound through analogue and it’s great! A very noticeable difference! :)

But here’s my problem. Before the dac I was using my PI2 as Kodi media centre. The hdmi was send sound to my living room amp and the analogue speaker jack was sending sound to my multiroom amp. In Kodi I simply had to select HDMI and Analogue in the audio settings. Now with the PhatDac I only have the Analogue option. Anyone in a similar situation managed to get around this? I’m hoping there may be a solution using Alsa or Pulseaudio…any help appreciated! Thanks :)

I believe you can leave dtoverlay=audio=on uncommented in your /boot/config.txt and use the DAC alongside both HDMI and Analog audio. I can’t recall if there was any specific hardware limitation that made analog audio (which uses the Pi’s PCM hardware) incompatible with DACs.


sudo nano /boot/config.txt

And make sure: dtoverlay=audio=on is not preceded by a #

You should then be able to choose between analog audio, the DAC and HDMI.

Thank you so much for your reply. Your idea works but sadly doesn’t solve my problem.

Here’s my situation:
So I have two amps connected to the Pi with Kodi installed. In Kodi>Settings>System>Audio I had the audio output set to ‘PI: HDMI and Analogue’ which meant that media played through both amps. With your suggestion that option is still there and when selected sound is played through the hdmi connected amp but not the other amp (as the analogue named here is obviously the original onboard analogue which I’m no longer using). To get the analogue to work I have to go into the settings and change the option to ‘ALSA: Default (snd_rpi_hifiberry_dac_Analog)’…but now of course now sound comes from the HDMI.

Any ideas how I can have music playing simultaneously through both outputs? Can the onboard Hdmi be added to te Alsa option? Thanks again for your advice.

I don’t know how much of ALSA’s device routing features Kodi is compatible with, but it might be possible to set up an ALSA plugin to split the audio and stream it to both devices.

I’ve never successfully set this up myself, but it involves configuration similar to what’s detailed here: