My pantilthat, installation errors


I just received my order #PI130875. Ofcourse very eager to get it up and running.

However, I am quite new to the python world, and I met on problems: there are messages of errors during the installation progress !

I have attached a picture of the installation process, however towards the end there was a message of completed and successful installation

Is that the problem ? Or, is it me not understanding how to run the examples? Do I have to “sudo python” ?

So, the question simply:

Do I start examples in CLI-mode or DeskTop ? Is the userinterface on GUI ? What is the correct syntax for starting examples ?

It’s said in the sales info "We’ve put together a super-simple Python library to make it super-easy to control Pan-Tilt HAT. Just tell Pan-Tilt HAT to which angle you’d like it to pan or tilt (from -90 to +90 degrees) and away it goes! There’s even a couple of examples showing you how to pan and tilt, "

So after finalized software installation I need a step by step guidance how to put it to work.

Please guide me on track !!

I didn’t find advice on the forum

Sorry for being stupid (me)

Best Regards


Ignore the error messages, it is looking for a deb package that was never deposited to the servers, so it falls back on an alternative distribution (pypi).

It shouldn’t be required to ‘sudo’ for running the examples. Whether you use Idle or the cli is entirely up to you, it should make no difference.

… so what is the issue? do you receive any error when running examples? have you tried issuing basic commands in the python interpreter to see if any of the documented function work?

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I’m not sure what happened here, perhaps @RogueM can shed some light on it.

You should be able to find the examples through the “Terminal” app in the /home/pi/Pimoroni/pantilthat folder.

Ok, I did a fresh installation of latest RaspBerry Jessie and repeated the pantilthat installation It’s now running. Seems to be a lot of details to learn for anonprogrammer like me, even the basics…