My portable weather clock (Astro PI)

This project headless and portable, powered by a Powerboost 1000c and 6600 MAH battery. I used an A+ instead of a Pi 3B because it uses less power and is smaller. A Zero would have worked but the A+ mates well with the Sense Hat. The 4 mounting holes all line up nicely. I also have a Proto Hat with stacking header mounted between the Pi and Sens Hat. On the Proto Hat I have a DS3231 RTC breakout board and some right angle headers mounted. The headers are wired to I2C and power. The headers feed a BMP180 and a SI1145 breakout board. I used female to female jumpers to connect the sensors to the Proto Hat. I show a continuously scrolling message on the Sense Hat LED matrix of ,Day of the week, Date, Time, Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure and UV index. The text changes color based on conditions. Blue text for temps below 0c for example. Red text for temps above 25c etc. Each element in the message has its own set of conditions for what color it shows. In bright light all text turns to White as I find RED text really hard to read in bright sun. I can also dim the LED matrix when in a dark room with the sense.low_light option. On boot up this happens automatically via the ambient light sensor in the SI1145. Or I can override it by moving the Sense Hat Joystick. I also have 4 10mm LEDs wired up to the GPIO for a secondary quick indicator. I have then coded for temperature at the moment. They are Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. They are disabled if the display toggles into low light mode. It’s all done with python. The BMP180 was added because the temps read high from ambient temps in the case, even though I drilled holes for ventilation. I had it already on hand so I pressed it into service. Pictures here in my OneDrive folder.!AjOYwiwlwDtpgq8_0VrdS3_H5xL_AA
My python file is there too. The file will work with just a Pi and Sense Hat. No auto brightness adjust or UV readings though. The THPUV is the one my portable runs.

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Adding picture. I have since added two black tinted ninja diffusers. One on the sense hat and one over the large LED’s. I have to take a new picture and upload it to my onedrive though.

I really need to update that photo as that project has been updated / upgraded.
Sensor data is now obtained via a BME680 mounted externally on the bottom of the case. I was getting weird readings from some of the sensors on the Sense Hat so I went with the BME680. The array of large LED’s has been replaced with an LED Shim mounted vertically. In the summer months it shows temperature, and in the winter months barometric pressure. I have new updated pictures here,!AjOYwiwlwDtpgq8_0VrdS3_H5xL_AA
Will have to get my camera out and take a new picture of it fully assembled and running. There is a video in there showing it running.