N64 How to get the joystick and the buttons to work



I built my picade some days ago, and I loved it. It’s amazing. :)
Now I tried some N64 games with Retropie 4.02 and they work just fine. But only with my Xbox One Controller attached to the usb port.
Whatever I tried, I didn’t get the Picade Joystick and Butons to work.
Did anyone here yet solve this problem, or has some ideas? :)



My joystick and buttons work in the N64 emulator unfortunately I can’t remember if I needed to configure anything and I am not near the Picade until Friday so can’t check. This is on v3.8.1 so might not be relevant to v4.0.2




Hi Paul

I’d be happy if you can check. :) Would be great to play Mario Kart 64 with the Picade joystick. :)

Thank you.



ok, I got it. Wooohooo!
I just needed to install an emulator which uses retroarch. And with this it worked.
Now I only need to find out how I can use the joystick as analogue stick and not as dpad. :)



Excellent enjoy Mario Kart.




The second problem I solved too, and already played. :) Loved it! :)
Thank you Paul.




Can you tell us how you solved it?



Of course.
To Play the N64-Games with the Picade Stick and buttons I installed Ir_Mupen64plus in the Retropie-Setup and set this as default emulator for the N64 roms.
To use the stick as analogue I edited this config file: /opt/retropie/configs/n64/retroarch.cfg
I copied the input section for player 1 from /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg into the n64-file. Then I switched the entries from the dpad to the analogue and left the dpad entries just with a “”. You just need to be carful to fill in the axis-entries correctly. But there’s a note which explains how to do it. If you want, I can post you my config file later, when I get home.




Any chance you could do a tutorial on how you did it as i am a newbee and would really could do with you help


Or even the config file would help


I tried your suggestion and I didn’t get it to work. Can you post your n64 retroarch.cfg


any Solution here for RetroPie 4.1 with Picade Joystick and N64 Emulator?



Hi, can anyone post an N64 config file for RetroPie 4.1?

Thanks from Germany


has no one a config File for N64 Picade Joystick?



Try here as this is where the Retropie developers are