Naturewatch camera:- New camera

Hi, A few years ago I treated myself to a Naturewatch camera kit :- One of these My Naturewatch Wildlife Camera

Hours of fun and I actually managed to get some great photographs.
I notice now that there are some newer improved camera units for Raspberry Pi.
Could / should I buy a new camera unit? Would it fit the Raspberry Pi 0n that my unit is based on? Would the current SD card need to be replaced/updated?
Hope this all makes sense.

Just for your info, I don’t have one yet. I have done some reading up on the autofocus part though.
As far as I know, hardware wise it can be plugged into any Pi with a CSI connector. You’ll need the custom cable for the Pi Zero, which you should already have.
Software wise, I believe the V3 camera needs the latest Pi OS to get full functionality. libcamera etc.
This may be worth a look see / read through?

With my current setup the software on the card lets the Pi Zero detect motion from the camera then takes a photograph.
Actually, looking at the results from the new camera, it doesn’t look all that much better.

Maybe I’ll set myself a challenge…build a totally new wildlife camera using the new camera unit and a new Zero.
All the best,

All my Camera setups are running Motion Eye OS. It has a motion detection option, but I don’t use it. I use my setups mostly for Video Surveillance. To keep an eye on my dog when she’s tied up outside. And keep an eye out for deliveries etc.
I have one HD Camera and the rest are V2 Camera Modules. I do do some bird watching on one or two of them from time to time. I take snap shots manually.