Need Dimensioned Hole drawing for Phat DAC

I’m designing a pcb that will stack on top of Pi Zero W and PHAT DAC. The pcb will provide an audio mixer, 5V/2.5A, and a 2.1A USB charger output.

I’d like to use header pins for connecting the audio from the PHAT DAC to my card. I plan to use header pins in the small PHAT DAC holes for that. So, my pcb will need holes closely aligned to the PHAT DAC holes

I also plan to use the rectangular holes in the PHAT DAC for a wire tie to strain relief a relatively big audio cable.

Can anyone provide a dimensioned drawing for the hole locations? I have one and could measure, but that won’t be as accurate as getting them from the design drawings.



This will, hopefully, be of some use. Units are in mm, accurate to ±.1mm since I can never seem to measure arbitrary things in Eagle.

Perfect! Thank you very much.

Rather than measure in Eagle, use the Info function. It will show the location of objects, including the center of holes. Using measure is way too much of a hassle.

Just click on Info, then the hole you want the location of. You can also change the x,y to position objects at a specific place. Much easier than trying to zoom way in so you can drag them to an exact location.

Or, you could just post the Eagle “Dimension layer”. That would provide the outline and the holes.

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I need the locations of the smaller line out holes. These are about the right size to use header pins to get the signals to my pcb that will be stacked on top the PHAT dac. Also, the y coordinates (or distance from top/bottom edges) is needed too, not just the distance from the left or right edges.

I can probably get a bitmap of what you posted and get it scaled and into Eagle. But, if it’s not too inconvenient, just getting the coordinates of those holes is what I need–assuming a known location of 0,0. Probably the lower left corner of the card outline, without the rounded off corners.

D’oh! I missed the two important holes in the noise of vias. They are 26.1mm and 12.1mm from the right-hand edge respectively, and 9.6mm from the bottom.


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