Neopixel trinket

I have a neopixel strip that I can run from my raspberry pi.
I use it as a mood light and wanted to have a simple switch on and it runs and just switch off.
Is the best way to get a trinket and run it of that? I’m guessing that means I can just switch on at the wall and it runs/lights.

a trinket would not mind being switches on and off at will from a wall socket, no… sounds like your Pi would be best put to some other use too, but I’m not sure I understood what your current setup is.

A trinket is certainly happy running one of the neopixel strips - even a 3.3v trinket. Obviously you will only have 4 other GPIO pins if you did this, but that’s enough for a button to cycle through colours and brightness for example.

Funny, I have just been playing with the trinket and a strip of neopixels (the crumble 8 LED baton). Look on the ‘learn Adafruit’ part of the adafruit website. For £5 you can buy a Trinket and get it joined to your trinket. For about another £10 you can get a BlueFruit UART Friend and then control the colours through a free App on iOS or Android. So not only will you have another way to run your lights, but also a way to change the colour. Take a look on the Adafruit website at ‘Trinket LED goggles’ for and you should get lots of detail about how to do this kind of thing