New Artwork for Picade Cabinet







I really like your artworks, but you should provide some downloadlinks for the right files.


Thank you. When you say right files are speaking of the photoshop files?
When I got mine printed I gave them the jpeg that I posted and it was fine.
If you want the original file I can upload them somewhere. I can also zip
and email if you tell me which one you have. The forum would not allow me
to upload because of the size of file.


Is there one you want the original format?


Dont know if i save them the right way, the jpgs seem to be very small. For example if wanna get the metal slug screen overlay i can hardly see the tiny sprites. I think the sizeformat of the provided PDF should be ok but dont really know. Maybe i do something wrong.
Actually i cant really decide on one there are serveral ones i like and some i would take and exchange with other artwork.


OK just tell the names of the ones you want.




Just have to say angel this weeks have been amazing :D
Mask as well :P loved the series as a kid



Awesome. Glad they are being enjoyed. Does anyone know if there is a
template for the older kickstarter bigger picade?


July 22 arcade classics retropi i would like the Brezel for the 8 " screen.

Can you do some Elite Dangerous one ? Maybe the digital Artbook can help you but im sure you find a lot nice screenshots.
Actually i did purchase Buttons and joystick ball for the shipped controls layout so i dont want to change that.

Thanks for your work !


This game?


Yes but its actually mainly for PC and made by Frontier.


Like this one?