New Artwork for Picade Cabinet







Awesome, now i cant decide what to choose. Many many thanks for the work !


This is my first time ever doing anything with graphics. I just started using using photoshop to make this graphic for the Picade because I’ll be getting one soon. They are currently in stock at Adafruit. I couldn’t figure out how to make the screw holes appear on the bezel portion. I don’t think I’m going to use this one but I thought someone else might like it.


Nice!!! I love Metal Slug. How did you get rid of the 12 inch red outline? I been trying to figure that out.


Hi, Sorry for the late reply. Thanks! I’m glad you like it. I love Metal Slug too. I’m using Photoshop CS2 and you can re-order each layer. If you put the Bezel Layer above the Template layer then the 12inch red outline disapears but you can still see the 8 inch screen template portion, even though it’s below the Bezel Layer, because there are no graphics covering it in the Bezel layer. Consequently, I lose the screw holes on the Bezel Layer though because the Bezel graphic is above the template layer. I was trying to figure out some way to bring the screw holes from the Template Layer to the Bezel Layer but I don’t know if that’s possible.

Sorry if that was unclear at all. I’ll do my best to clarify if that is confusing.


Is it possible for you to zip that file you have and send to me? I want to
create more.


Voici mon PiCADE réalisé avec le Modele Donkey Kong trouvé sur le Forum, Merci encore pour le partage de votre travail.

Installation Faite sur HAPPI (HAPPi GAME avec Bezel) optimisé avec RECALBOX

Cordialement Starwing


All of the art is just beautiful!

If you are still taking requests, I’d love to see a Metal Slug version that uses graphics from the game.

Does anyone know of a service that can precision cut the control panel outline and bezel?

Since I first started playing with MAME cabs (too many years), I’ve always had this idea for a marquee graphic:

It would be based on a fight scene from Street Fighter. But it would be Ryu fighting Bowser. Ryu’s fireball would be Pac-Man (with translucent blue plasma in his wake) and the crowd would have important characters from other games: Donkey Kong, Link, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Sonic, Mega Man, Dirk (Dragon’s Lair), Samus, Strider, Cloud, Pikachu (ok, you get the idea).

I always figured I’d have to commission somone to do this because it would have to be custom drawn.

One day…


Hello. I been busy with my new job so I have not had time to make new art work. I really just did a bunch of them because I bought a picade and saw a need for more artwork since I didn’t find to many. It was my way to contribute to the forum. I may do more when I have more time.


Hi could you please send me this artwork so i can send it to a printer ?
Thanks in advance be very greatful .


Can you tell me which art you want? I saved all the files.


Feel free to use my PiCade-ified Sega Astro City cabinet range artwork…

Here’s a real Astro City candy cab…


I’ve also made a Retropie splash screen for the Astro City build above…

By the way, the spelling mistakes are also found on the actual Japanese cabinets :D

“Stereo-of-the-art sound”


Hi All,

Just found this page and I am very impressed with the artwork. If I wanted to use one of these do I just download it and take it to the printers?



Yeah you can do that but it’s probably better you tell me which you want
and I send you the real Adobe file.


That would be great would however there are a few that I want if possible?

The titles are:

Space Invaders 6
RP 1

Hope that’s not too much bother.

Any tips on getting these printed, should it be on paper or acrylic?
I currently have the 8inch screen but have ordered a 12inch is there a template to use to print a new screen surround?