New Artwork for Picade Cabinet


I will get them to you Monday. When I got mine printed I had it done on
this card board type paper. I also took the. The 2 original two picade
marquee and controller cut out to reference. It was a local print shop to



While you’re at it, would you be able to send me a few too?

Space Invaders 1
PacMan 1
The Arcade

These are really great and I can’t quite decide which one will go best with my lighting :)



Thank you I really appreciate it.


Great Work, just stumbled upon this thread. If you´re still taking orders: something with Scramble as the main theme would be great, this game was the death of my pocket money …


what your email so I can send you the files?


what your email so I can send you the files? Let me know.


PM Sent.

Many Thanks.


ok sent to both of you.


I am not familiar with that game. Send. E a link or something.


One question:

I do not have printer for A3+, Is there any way to print separate the top part and the joystick part in two different A4 sheets?



I dont see why not since you cutting them out anyway.


These templates are amazing and I am seeking someone local to print one for me.

However, not being super amazing at art, printing or anything creative… what i do not understnd is what size the image is ? and what do you do when printing to A3+ ?

Is the image the correct size and you just ask the printer people to print on A3+ media ?

If i use word and make a sheet of paper with no borders, and the same size as a3+ paper (329mm x 483mm) and then insert the image i like it seems very small on the paper (i am looking on a computer screen)… . as i said… can someone smarter than me explain it.


Any chance I could get a copy of the hi res “space invaders full” artwork please angel77lopez ? I would direct message but its far too technical for me.


Hello angel77lopez could you send me the photoshop files for the following? Thank you.

SFV and SFV1


which ones? I can’t tell which ones you want.




Whoohoo ! Very nice, but where did you get the screenshot from? The Players Ship is on the wrong side ;-). As in every sidescrolling shooter I know of the ship in Scramble moves from left to right.


How about you sent me a screeshot


Sounds like a plan, I´ll try to do one when I play next time.