New Artwork for Picade Cabinet




These are fabulous, love the Star Wars and Bubble Bobble ones. Any chance of a Double Dragon one?


HI there just wondering do I just take your pictures and get them printed and can anyone in the UK recommend were to get them printed and on what paper please thanx for help in advance.


Well I live in Orlando Florida. I took mine to a local printing shop and took my templates that came with the Picade so they could fit and measure them. A3 or A4 paper I guess. Mine was printed on more of a card stock paper.


Here you go.



Cheers for the reply and I don’t have anything like that around my way i just have online printers so I will just send them some of your designs with the actual size that they should be . And also any chance of some nice stormtropper ones please if possible cheers in advance.


Here you go.


Fabulous work, many thanks!



These are amazing well done! I’m going to be getting a picade soon and will definitely use one of these designs.

Could you possibly do versions of this artwork for Final Fight and Cadillacs and Dinosaurs?


Here you go…


These are great - thank you! I love the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs one. Could I be cheeky and ask if you could do one more final fight design - using the barbed wire pattern for the control panel and an official marquee image for the top? You can get the images here:

Sorry I would try this myself but I’m useless at photoshop type things.

How-to: Picade 12" Screen + HAT + Single Power Source + On/Off Buttons!


You are a star - thank you so much




These old arcade game artworks are great - please do more of them if possible. Golden Axe would be amazing too.