New Artwork for Picade Cabinet


Has anyone come across the template shown in this tweet?

Thank you.


No but there is a similar one on this forum. I can make it the same exact one I am sure if you like.


That would be amazing if you could make a template like the one in that tweet. Would you also be able to make the portion around the display? Thank you for the help.


Yes I can do it. I will be back home on Tuesday so I will see if I can do
it then or weds. You want it exactly like that one or with a little
graphics on it? I can do the screen part as well.


I really like the one in the tweet, so if you could make it like that one I would appreciate it. This is really cool of you to do this. Thank you so much.


Hi All,

This is a fantastic thread! Just built my first Picade and loving it but looking to change the artwork. I am rubbish with photoshop stuff, @angel77lopez really appreciate all the effort you have put in creating all this artwork it’s fantastic! I’m keen to have a screen bezel to match some of the artwork could I be cheeky and ask if you wouldn’t mind creating a bezel (I have a 12" screen) for any of the following sets? Post 11, 13, 16, 28, 69, 74, 141, 158, 273 (FF1).

I appreciate there are loads here and it’s super cheeky so any you can do would be fantastic!

Also any guidance on how to print these i.e. What size and paper/card? Type of printing? No one seems to know A3+?

Many thanks!


I can do it but pick 2 of them you want it done for.


Pac Man


Done. Added a piece on the bottom of the bezel. Looked empty to me.


Wow this looks great! Thank you so much. Looking through this forum thread you have helped so many people with their Picade artwork. Your willingness to help me and everyone else in this thread is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Hi angel77lopez,

Thanks so much for offering to do a couple with 12" screen bezels for me really appreciate it! Such a hard choice there are so many great designs! Could you do MVC (post 74), Metal Gear Solid 1 (post 69) and perhaps also The Arcade (post 123) :)? Really appreciate your help with these, you really have helped so many in this thread…much appreciated!



You do know if you are using that 12 inch screen you won’t have much bezel to show. Just a tad on the top and bottom. The size hardly any at all. You are using a 12 inch screen right? Look at the template.


Hey, yeah I’m using a 12" screen. Yeah I know there’s not too much screen bezel left with the 12" screen, have seen a couple of examples where they’ve got them and they still look good. Really like the look of the Picade when the theme runs all the way across the machine i.e. Marquee down to joystick panel. Do you think it’s possible with those designs I chose? Would it be better to do an 8" bezel and cut that down to 12", or would that look weird? I guess it could depending on the design.



I will play with it and see. Maybe just do it with 8inch bezel and go from there.


Cheers mate, really appreciate it! Let me know how you go.



Hey angel77lopez,

I took the103 KB file you gave me to a local print shop. I told him I would like it printed on 13" by 19" A3+ paper. He felt that once he scaled the image it would not come out very sharp and the colors may not look correct because of the resolution. What was you experience when you took your file to your local print shop? Thanks for the help.



When I think of it I have 3 copies of the art I have made. I have the original PSD Photoshop files, a PNG of the file, and a JPEG of the file. When I took mine I used the PNG of the file which should do fine. I turn it into a smaller JPEG because this forum has size restriction on the attachment you attach to a post. I don’t have the space to store these online so I keep them on a HDD. I wish I could upload them somewhere with a lot of storage so people can have all they want to download and have the correct file size, I would be willing to upload the PSD and PNG of each. As long as everyone can have access to it freely. PM me with your email and I will send you the original copy.

Just some insight on the stuff I have created. I have a passion for video games and gadgets. When I first found the Picade project I feel in love with it because it was something cool and I wanted to buy the kit and spend the time with my 4 year old girl putting it all together. Then she can play the retro games I grew up with. It took like 10 hours to make it with her but we had fun. WHen I looked for art work for the Picade I only found a few. I looked on youtube and taught myself to do the photoshop so I can do a few of my own. Then I felt a need to contribute to the forum so others can enjoy the art work and maybe they can have joy possibly putting it together with there kids or friends like I did and finding that perfect theme for the Picade.

What I am trying to say if anyone wants to setup something where I can upload my art work and others can also contribute with the art work being the proper size like an original PSD file or PNG file I am willing to put all my work on it and everyone can have it. Until then just PM me and I will see what I can do about getting you the proper file PNG and you can get it printed.


Try this.


Here you go. Full post 74 MVC


Once again thank you so much. That is nice that you built the Picade with your daughter. Also, that you are bringing her up right by introducing her to the classic games first :) I’ll take a look at the files when I get home from work. Take care.