New Artwork for Picade Cabinet


Hey angel77lopez,

Thanks so much for the MVC full artwork version, looks awesome :)! Will take it to some printers tomorrow to see if I can get it printed, is it possible to send me the PDF?



I am away on business. I will be back home weds.


Hey, sure no worries :)! Cheers!


Can someone please tell me how to print one of these sets out? I would love a Tron Themed one, but don’t know how to print



Angel how would I go about having this Punch out set printed out?


I am no expert but what I did was took my template to the print shop and the actual art work that came with the picade so they have a reference. I left it with them and they figured it out. It was done on like a thicker card stock type paper.


Thank you for the help, do I just save the photo of what you have posted in one of those many awesome graphics and just take it in? I nothuince if I click on one of those images it gets larger so I can just save to my phone or something


well I think it is best you tell me which one you want and I send you a better file so it shows more detail. The ones posted here are for Internet upload.


Hey angel77lopez,

Could you send me the files for ‘Super Mario Picade’, ‘Metal Gear Solid 1’, ‘Capcom’ & ‘MvsC Full’. Is it possible to add a scale to MvsC Full as my printer can’t print on A3+?

Many thanks!


Here you go…Enjoy.


Not sure how you wanted it but here are 3.


wow these are awesome!!! Thank you


Which ones you want so I can send you the bigger file? PM me your email


Hey angel77lopez,

Thanks so much for sharing these, I really appreciate your help, can’t wait to see what they look like on my Picade!

Those Tron ones are awesome by the way :)!



Hey angel77lopez,

Wondered if you could give me some guidance, what do you find is the best way to neatly cut out the button and joystick holes on the control panel card? I don’t have the steadiest hand :)!



Well I used a sharp blade on top of glass. Look it up in YouTube. Worked
like a charm.


I love the middle one with the Joystick on the graphic! Those all look so good!


Hi angel77lopez thanks for posting the Picade artwork. I printed all three Pac Man images from the psd file and the screen marquee looked great however the arrows on the joystick and Pac Mans eyes on the screen print right side are printing pixilated when printing out the layout.
There any chance you could correct/adjust? I wish I had the Photoshop skills you possess.
Thank you in advance


Are you talking about the bottom panel art work? The rest like the middle and top are fine?


The bottom panel for the joystick arrow directions were the only thing that printed pixilated.

The screen overlay Marquee (middle) that is placed over the 8 in screen. Pac Man’s eyes that look down print pixilated.
The file was called: White Pac Man Full.psd