New Artwork for Picade Cabinet


Well kinda hard to tell if it prints like that. I don’t make the pics I just find different art work and paste them into place and change them around. I am trying to find a pic of that arrow part that is big enough so it wont pixlate when I paste it.


This one may be better.


Thanks, I appreciate the time and effort. :)


PM me your email so I can send it to you.


Hello Luis, i would love these 2 filesMy Email


Just sent it to you.









Hello angel77lopez,

I bought another Picade and I was hoping you could help me out again with some cabinet art. I would like to do a Donkey Kong cabinet. I would like to do something this…

The only difference is I would like to use this image for the bezel…

Also, could you make the middle portion of the bezel black. Hopefully, it will fit the 8 inch display.

I appreciate the help. Thank you.



So you want that around the screen but black in the middle around the 8
inch screen itself? Why not fill it in with the same orange color? Up to
you though.


Yes, the bezel image would go around the 8 inch screen. I would prefer to go with black in the middle…I think it would look more like the original cabinet with black. Can you please provide the PSD? Thank you very much. I appreciate the help.


OK here it goes. I added the black area that has the intrsuctions to the game. I seen that on the real art work so I made it like that. I can remove it if you don’t like it. Let me know before I send you the PSD file. I think it came out nice. You were right the black in the middle makes it look nice since it is for an 8 inch screen. I also made the 3 characters smaller so the buttons won’t cover them.

Made 2 more with the 2 different bezel colors. Which do you like?



It’s not a good idea to post your email address on forums as it will be harvested by spam bots.

You would be better communicating via a private message.




I agree.We don’t want any issues.


Thank you! This looks amazing. I’ll go with the one with the black in the middle. Thank you again for your help with this.