New Artwork for Picade Cabinet


just emailed it to you.





Loving that “Fix It Felix Jr.” design!



Thank you. Been making a variety of templates for everyone to enjoy.



Definitely @angel77lopez is doing an awesome job! :D



I feel really bad for posting such an incredibly n00b question, but how do I send a private message? Do I need a certain amount of posts before I’m allowed to do so? I can’t for the life of me find a pm button. And I really want to re-decorate my Picade with @angel77lopez excellent designs.


You require a “basic” user status in order to send private messages:
Just stick around for a bit and you should be able to. :)


What design you want?


I love so many of them, but for starters, I want to do a mix-n-match of “RetroPie Kong” for the marquee and “The Arcade” for the controller panel, so I’d really appreciate it if you could send me both designs in high resolution.

I would also love to have vinyl decals made for the sides. Do you have any designs along the lines of “The Arcade” or “Hyperspin” for that by any chance? Or just a quadrangular template I could cut fitting decals from? That would be beyond rad!


I am away for work but I can send it in a few days. I dont have a template for the sides so I can’t make those.


No rush and no worries. Looking forward to your designs. As far as sides are concerned, I’ll try to either find or come up with something. I also have a pair of semi-finished DIY speakers that I want to deck out in a retro gaming design.


OK so how do you like these? Which one do you like before I send it to you?



You, sir, are utterly amazing! I can’t decide between BW Mix and Sepinho Mix 1. Would you be so kind as to send me both? :)


Hi friends, I recently purchased a picade as a gift for my nephew and I wanted to customize the art a little for him. I have been looking around in this thread and a few other places and I was wondering if anyone has a place I can get these made professionally that they recommend?