Nicer button covers for pico inky pack

I have a pico inky pack and would like some nicer button covers for it. I can see these ones in the shop, but I think they’ll be too big.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Unless I’m misunderstanding their listing, I don’t think those would work anyways (the buttons pimoroni uses are bigger than 2.4mm)

I remember looking for fitted caps for this size button and not finding any, and so I had to fall back to making seed style buttons that are just a bit of plastic with a ledge around them so they can be held in place by a case and just rest on top of the button.

I call them seeds because they scatter in the wind every time you open the case =S

Thanks that’s helpful.

I’m fairly new to all this, but I think I can visualise how seed style buttons would work (and the inevitable search for them under the fridge!).