Niggles with the orange kit peices



I Received my megs chest yesterday and it looks awesome, my 10 year old set about building the line following robot but came across a bit of a problem.

The small orange price that’s supposed to fit at the front of the Base doesn’t fit. And I don’t mean I didn’t want to press to hard doesn’t fit I mean I could force it in doesn’t fit.

The slot cut in the Base just isn’t wide enough to accept the width of sheet the small price is cut from. Which is a bit of a bind.

The electronics all seem to work, well the motors and the lights which are the bits we got going.

Thought I’d let you know in case you have a manufacturing problem.


I found this, but it got better if the protective sheet was removed from the perspex. Then it was just a bit tight.


Thanks for the reply but I already tired that.

Removed from both peices but still no joy 😕



I’ve had another go this morning and after much prodding and poking I’ve got it attached. Just hope it’s not needed for anything else as it’s not coming back off.

Also there is now a crack/ fault line in the Base where the smaller piece fits.

Best be careful of this when you do try to put this together, it’s not quite as slick as on the video.

Picture below

Now that’s done looking forward to having a play with the electronic’s.

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Drop us a line at and I’m sure we can send you out some replacement parts. This is, unfortunately, normal with perspex which has a tolerance of something like +/- 1mm. Occasionally it works out badly!

It’s far more amusing with PiBows which usually cancel each other out, but very, very rarely come out looking like a doorstop :D

Combined with perspex being so brittle, it’s a bit of a pain, sorry!