No sound from Pirate Audio 3W Stereo Amp

Very smart looking board and the display works well, but I can’t can’t get any sound from the speakers - what am I doing wrong?
Tested on a RaspPi W with recent Raspbian (2019-09-26-raspbian-buster.img), and an earlier Raspbian (2019-06-20-raspbian-buster-full.img)

I can start a local MP3 file playing via Iris and the Pirate Audio display shows progress and responds to buttons (which sync with Iris and vice-versa). No sound with streaming radio (via M3U) or Spotify either.
Tested with COM1601 mini speakers & Adafruit 3" speakers - both of which work on the HiFiBerry Pi Zero MiniAMP.

“sudo systemctl status mopidy” gives info while MP3 is “playing” without sound.

  • Mixer volume set to 40
  • Starting Mopidy audio
  • Starting Mopidy backends: StreamBackend, M3UBackend, FileBackend
  • Audio output set to “alsasink”
  • Starting Mopidy core
  • Starting Mopidy frontends: RaspberryGPIOFrontend, PiDiFrontend, IrisFrontend, MpdFrontend, HttpFrontend
  • Starting Iris 3.42.2
  • MPD server running at [::ffff:]:6600
  • HTTP server running at [::ffff:]:6680
  • Starting GLib mainloop

I will hazard a guess that you need to disable the pi’s onboard audio in /boot/config.txt by making sure this one near the bottom appears as follows


Which renders the onboard sound inoperable and makes the pirateaudio board the default for Mopidy

Brilliant wildestpixel, it works!

Internet streaming radio works perfectly :-) Echo / Alexa’s days are numbered! No more flaky BBC Sounds.