Mopidy Iris not playing thru pirate audio

I have a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a Pimoroni Pirate Audio Headphone Amp DAC. I originally got this unit to work correctly after trying for weeks and installing different git hub scripts only to break the sd card when installing the Pi into a 3d printed case I made. I have never gotten it to work correctly since.
The Pirate Audio DAC works great. I can play local music and even stream music thru bluetooth from my phone. The problem is Mopidy Iris will not work. I can access the IP address showing on the lcd, control volume up and down, scan for local music which it finds, but when you attempt to play a song it will only play/attempt to play approx 4 seconds before restarting the song, like an endless loop.
I have read hours upon hours on forums and attempted different settings only to be back at ground zero with Iris and its ability to work properly (displaying album art and playing from the web interface).
I listen to it for hours a day using VLC player but just knowing it isn’t complete is bugging me.
Anyone have experience in this and would like to help I would greatly appreciate it.
Please let me know what I need to post…

Thank you,

I also can’t get Mopidy working. I have the Pirate Audio speaker. It works fine for playing sounds from VLC, Scratch 3, and Python. I can’t get a peep out of it using Mopidy, though. Using my PC browser, I can change the volume slider shown on screen, but I can’t reliably discover music on the Pi and can’t get any sounds out of it. Are any updated instructions available for getting it working? I’ve had a good search online and I can’t find a fix. Thank you.